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-Meet Our Instructors And Staff-

Sifu David Shaman

Sifu David Shaman

Sifu Shaman began his Kung Fu journey in the Master Crescione Wing Chun Lineage back in 1983. During the past 3 decades that he has been training under Master Crescione he has also become an accomplished somatic therapist, a highly-knowledgeable mind/body holistic practitioner, and the founder of the widely acclaimed School Peacemaker Bully Prevention Program. Sifu Shaman established the Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy in the Atlantic City area back in 2010. His continued intention is to honor his Sifu, and this great tradition, by sharing this unique gift with a whole new generation.


Sihing Chris Cinelli

Sihing Chris Cinelli has been sincerely and dilligently training in the Crescione Wing Chun method for over 5 years. He is meticulous in his attention to detail, which is very important in a system as sophisticated as Wing Chun. Not only does he always hold his mind and effort to the highest levels of Kung Fu excellence, but he is also very patient & kind in how he shares this knowledge and skill with the students.


Sihing Val Laboy, Jr.

Sihing Val Laboy, Jr. has been enthusiastically training in the Crescione Wing Chun method for over 6 years. Known for his playful methods of teaching, he brings a genuine sense of warmth and good humor into all that he does. But this light hearted approach should not mislead anybody about the very high degree of skill and knowledge that he has gained. For he has developed his Kung Fu, and continues to, with a true passion and love that is beautiful to observe. And he is always eager to help, to share what he knows, and to ensure that his Kung Fu “brothers & sisters” are consistently learning and growing to the greatest degree possible.

-Our Lineage-

By joining the Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy, You have the extraordinary opportunity of becoming a 4th Generation Lineage Holder directly under Great Grandmaster Ip Man.

Directly taught:

GRANDMASTER IP CHING  His youngest son.

GRANDMASTER WILLIAM CHEUNG A very famous and important living Wing Chun Grandmaster. He was very close friends with, and an essential Wing Chun instructor of, Bruce Lee. He is also now the Sigung (teacher of teachers) of Robert Downey Jr, among many other thousands of students worldwide. Grandmaster Cheung is easily one of the most significant and influential Wing Chun Grandmasters today.

GRANDMASTER MOY YAT An extremely important and influential Wing Chun Grandmaster…representing what some refer to as the “Hong Kong Approach.” Grandmaster Moy Yat directly taught:

MASTER LEE MOY SHAN Who became one of Grandmaster Moy Yat’s top disciples… and a leading proponent of the Hong Kong Approach to Wing Chun Fighting


ALL directly taught:

Sigung Dr. John Crescione In his 40 + years of traveling the world, and intensively training, to gain a profound and unique understanding of every aspect of our system from as many diverse expert perspectives as possible.

Sigung Dr. John Crescione directly taught:

SIFU DAVID SHAMAN And Sigung Dr. Crescione continues to guide and direct Sifu Shaman today, as he supports him to pass this precious lineage forward in an accurate and comprehensive fashion.

-Award Winning Programs-

Resolute Martial Arts Classes


Smiling Dragon Kung Fu passes on it’s knowledge to children, teens and adults from ages 4 and up. The classes are separated by age and rank to keep the students on the best track possible. Our every expanding schedule is sure to accommodate the busiest family.

Resolute Martial Arts After School


In 2006 Sifu Shaman first launched his School Peacemaker Bullying Prevention Program. Having been bullied as a child, and understanding what a negative impact it can have, he wanted to make a difference in young people’s lives who were still going through this.

He began with elementary school children. He utilized drumming, puppetry and positive role-playing skits to reach the children with his message of nonviolent problem solving.

He then further developed his program to include pre-school, all the way through high school, and teacher training as well. With great impact & acclaim throughout Atlantic County (please see testimonials). At this point his work has expanded into what is now known as Anti-Bullying Solutions.

Smiling Dragon Autism Program


After utilizing therapeutic drumming in his bullying prevention work for some time (please see “bully prevention”), a good friend of Sifu Shaman, a principal in a high school for at risk teens, suggested that his drumming may be able to be used to somehow benefit and serve children on the Autistic Spectrum. For those who are not aware of this term, Autism is not a static and set designation. But rather a continuum of different degrees of how it is expressed in the individual. On one extreme of the spectrum you have some people who have a very difficult time functioning in certain regular activities, on the other extreme of the spectrum you have those who may excel at an advanced and even genius level at various things (Bill Gates, for example). Then, of course, there is a lot in between. For more info, please click here: www.DrummingForAutism.org

Smiling Dragon Kung Fu


Sifu Shaman’s progressive & innovative approach makes the form even easier to learn, without any prior experience. He infuses and integrates elements of Yoga and Holistic Mind/Body Healing techniques gained in his three decades of training and development. The result is a simple, yet powerful, moving meditation that you can learn very quickly & benefit from immediately. The extra aspects that he combines with the form are not found in other approaches, and are known to accelerate the relaxation process with minimal effort & time invested. This method is ideally suited for our modern life style to compensate for the many demands on our time in our contemporary society.

Smiling Dragon Kung Fu


Sifu Shaman has developed a method for drumming together that is easy for anybody to learn and successfully enjoy their very first time!

In Kung Fu, and other Mind/Body Healing Traditions (and even in modern Quantum Physics), we learn that ENERGY is VIBRATION. As is SOUND & RHYTHM!! By drumming together in a group setting, and establishing a unifying central beat to connect us, we experience a sense of group interaction and resonance that renews our spirit.

Ok, so I’m sure you’ve seen how great our staff, facility and programs are but the best part of our school are our students. Are you ready to be one? Just start here.

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