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Totally Awesome Birthday Parties!!


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Your Child Will Never Forget This!

  • We are told that the children talk about these parties for weeks to come. Showing off their cool Kung Fu moves to friends and family!
  • Your child will actually pick up a new appreciation for the power of focus. Whether they realize it or not. A positive seed has been planted!
  • Every child at the party learns a genuine Kung Fu Palm Strike, in order to break the board. This is a real and very effective self defense technique. So the children are also taught that we use our Kung Fu to get strong so we can “help people, and never hurt people”. The children learn a real Kung Fu strike and they are immediately taught the responsibility that goes with that.



You do nothing! We take care of EVERYTHING!

(You just bring pizza, cupcakes & juice bottles)

Sifu Shaman has created a unique, innovative and progressive approach to his Kung Fu parties. In addition to the obvious importance of everybody having FUN, which is priority #1!! There are positive lessons woven on, and glimpses at the power every child can to learn to focus their mind more clearly. To accomplish a goal.


*Board Breaking!!

Children LOVE to break boards!!! And they need to take a moment to learn how to stand, focus their intention, calm themselves through breath, and direct their confidence. So it teaches them.


There will always be lots of board breaking at every Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Birthday party!

*Knock Over Sifu!!

Sifu Shaman goes into a deep Kung Fu Horse Stance, and challenges all of the children, one by one, to grab a guard bag and run across the entire room to try to knock him over! He tells them of the mythical set of solid gold nunchucks that they will win if they are the first one to knock Sifu over! The kids LOVE this!! The best ones are the kids with HEART!!! ‘Cause they really try! And go bouncing off in every direction! Because, it soon becomes clear , they are not going to be able to knock Sifu over! With 33 Years of intensive Kung Fu training, Sifu Shaman’s deep horse is pretty deep! However, this is turned into the perfect teaching opportunity. As the kid’s learn that it is possible to be so strong that nobody can knock you over. Sifu Shaman shouts out: “Who wants to be THAT strong?!” And, of course, they ALL do!! As we tap into the extraordinary power of the human spirit itself. Children recognize it naturally. And excel with it. Then Sifu Shaman shows them how it FEELS to do just 30 seconds of serious Horse Stance! And they understand that the pure difficulty of it, and the need to focus one’s mind completely, is worth the price to make you a stronger person.

*Epic Battle to protect pizza party!

(age appropriate)

For the younger kids, who are wise enough to suspend disbelief long enough to TRULY enjoy such an interactive event, we stage this battle! Imagine…we had some fun, got the party going, and now we’re enjoying pizza. Suddenly, a hero/icon appears in full attire (see Ninja Turtle below). He is just hangin’ out and talking, when all of a sudden a villain storms in!! The villain wants to DISRUPT THE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! HE MUST BE STOPPED!!! The fight is on, and, of course…good prevails! And everybody gets to have a wonderful time 🙂

*Fight Sifu!!

OK…by FAR….the kid’s FAVORITE thing to do!!!! We know because when we ask them, they always tell us. “What was your favorite thing?” “Fighting Sifu!!” is their answer, every single time. Because the children all get an exhilarating opportunity to apply their newly found, if not somewhat fledgling, martial skills against the mighty Sifu Shaman in mortal combat!! “Are you ready to face Sifu Shaman in battle?” “YES!! Sifu!” Because of Sifu’s decades of experience, he is able to challenge each child precisely up to what they can do, make sure they are safe, and also ensure they have MAXIMUM fun!!!!! Who gets to fight a real live Kung Fu Master? I never had that when I was a kid!!

“We had my daughters birthday party there today. What an AH-mazing time all the kids had! Definitely plan on going back! You guys ROCK!”