Will Karate Classes Make My Child Violent?

To most thoroughly answer this question, first I will share a small bit of history... Karate was originally written as "Chinese hand" (唐手 literally "Tang dynasty hand") in kanji. It was later changed to a homophone meaning empty hand (空手). Historically, the people living in the islands of Okinawa just south of Japan got exposed [...]

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Here's something I thought everybody might find interesting. We all know how to breathe as soon as we’re born, and if we don’t, we get an abrupt slap on the behind to wake us up! No one has to teach us. But what happens in our lungs in an instinctive fashion through the autonomic nervous [...]

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Tai Chi Chuan Breathing Methodology Grandmaster William CC Chen Shares the Fundamentals of Proper Breath-Work for Tai Chi Practitioners and Martial Artists by Robert Dreeben

I came across this  article on the INTERNET that I found very interesting,  I hope you will too. Take a deep breath... Sifu  We all know how to breathe as soon as we’re born, and if we don’t, we get an abrupt slap on the behind to wake us up! No one has to teach [...]

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Form Your Energy Better!

Form Your Energy Better! Well, our new t-shirts and hats are in! And there's a new theme. Form Your Energy Better! And there is a very important back-story to this new verbal expression of what we actually do in our humble kwoon. An insider “Kung Fu Family” insight that I would like everybody to truly [...]

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Wing Chun is for Everybody!

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a beautiful and rare gift. It teaches us physical confidence, in as concise and expeditious a time span as possible, to help us feel good and safe in all situations. Safety is the foundation for all true growth and healing. In addition to this, Wing Chun Kung Fu, taught with [...]

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Building Children’s Confidence

Building confidence in children is, without any doubt, one of the greatest and most precious gifts that we can share with them. Why anyone would ever want to discourage their children, or program into their highly receptive minds anything but the most wonderful self-image of themselves, is something that boggles my mind. When we have [...]

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Integrity Brings Well-Being

Wing Chun Kung Fu is based in integrity. Integrity is a thing that some may shun, but not if they understood that if they merely had the discipline to align with it, the greatest experiences could be enjoyed. It simply feels good to do right. With intelligence and excellence. If we are not there now, [...]

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Hope for the Future-The precious gift of Wing Chun Kung Fu

As my Sifu has instructed me, Wing Chun translates to “Beautiful Springtime”, which further interpreted means “Hope for the Future”. This is so profoundly true, in so many ways, and for so many reasons. As I pursue the vision of sharing this cherished jewel to enrich and deepen what Ventnor Martial Arts has to offer, [...]

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