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Ventnor Bully Prevention

“Among the many anti-bullying campaigns that I have witnessed in my years in education, I have found that Sifu Shaman and the Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy hit the nail directly on the head! Where all at once, in real time, the message instructs one to deeply embrace one’s own self-worth, and simultaneously be compassionate, accepting and supportive of one’s peers. I believe in this message so much that as a physical education teacher I continue to keep the torch lit. With Sifu Shaman’s direct guidance I have begun to incorporate Kung Fu relaxation, centering and strengthening movements into my daily warm-ups and activities. I utilize this noble art form as a source of inspiration to help students achieve their personal goals.”

Jason Plum Health and Physical Education Teacher Dawes Avenue School, Somers Point

In 2006 Sifu Shaman 1st launched his School Peacemaker Bullying Prevention Program. Having been bullied as a child, and understanding what a negative impact it can have, he carries a strong desire to make a difference in young people’s lives who are still going through this.

He began with elementary school children. He utilized drumming, puppetry and positive role-playing skits to reach the children with his message of nonviolent problem solving.

He then further developed his program to include pre-school, all the way through high school, and teacher training as well. With great impact & acclaim throughout Atlantic County (please see testimonials). At this point his work has expanded into what is now known as ANTI-BULLYING SOLUTIONS!

He eventually got into working with at risk teens as well, who really need the positive guidance. And then integrated the Kung Fu too, with an emphasis on it’s calming and centering powers. All of this then became PATHWAYS TO EMPOWERMENT, LLC, which is now the umbrella organization for all of his positive work in the community. Below is a 3 minute video from his recent presentation at the Dawes Ave School in Somers Point

Children are the FUTURE!

We provide them with:

  • A Non-Violent Approach to Problem Solving
  • A Positive, Confidence Building Outlook on Life
  • Mental and Physical Training for Strong & Calm Self-Control
  • A Fun and Exciting Experience!!
“Pathways to Empowerment LLC has been a foundational program at Son Catchers Learning Center with the Peacemaker Program. Master Sifu David Shaman is positively influencing decisions that our children are making, emphasizing acts of kindness, and nurturing relationships between fellow students. We have seen an overflow of unsolicited deeds of cordiality that come through this nonviolent communication. The Rhythm of Respect program has become an essential element of our curriculum and has allowed our staff to utilize the uniqueness of David Shaman’s particular teaching methods. We are happy to have The Peacemaker Program on property.”
Kevin McHugh, Director Son Catchers Learning Center Somers Point

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