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-Transformational Drumming-


The short answer would have to be FUN!!!! 😉

Sifu Shaman has created a method for drumming together in a group that is EASY for ANYBODY to learn and successfully enjoy their VERY 1ST TIME!!

In Kung Fu, and other Mind/Body Healing Traditions (and even in modern Quantum Physics), we learn that ENERGY is VIBRATION. As is SOUND & RHYTHM!! By drumming together in a group setting, and establishing a unifying central beat to connect us, we experience a sense of group interaction and resonance that renews our spirit.

Staying with the simple & connecting rhythm for several minutes at a time, we begin to relax into the feeling of it, and even may enter into a deep and refreshing change of perspective. From this new vantage point that we are afforded in this unusual and positive experience, we may begin to sense our own creative juices beginning to flow. We eventually feel inspired to offer our own unique and personal “accents” between the common beat, always returning to the shared rhythm that we all align with together.

By allowing ourselves to unwind and express our profound individuality, while at the same time interacting in such a cooperative and mutually respectful fashion, we begin to weave a tapestry of sound and kinesthetic vibration that is as beautiful as it is enjoyable.

The resulting heightened awareness of being refreshed on a very deep level, and of bonding and re-connecting with other people in such a positive way, is something that we are all very hungry for in this busy society that we now live in. Where most of us live isolated in a “box” called a house or apartment, and get in another “box” called a car, to go to another “box” called work. Connecting in a group like this, with an uplifting feeling, is a genuine human need. It fulfills something ineffable deep within us. With all due respect to Social Media, which meets this type of need to some limited extent, it can never replace this type of live and in person synergy!!


at the Smiling Dragon Kung Fu Academy as a free “potluck” style event, to give something back to the community, and keep that precious human connection thriving and strong!!

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“Smiling Dragon. I was very impressed with his style and manner of teaching. He explained and demonstrated everything so well. In addition, he was the only instructor that included mind-body discussion in the class. By this I mean that he not only demonstrated the physical technique, but also the thought behind it. He also shared affirmations that would benefit an individual both in class, as well as in daily life applications. It is truly a holistic experience that he offers.”
Andrea Hartley, Margate

These classes fill up fast as space and availability is limited.

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